Welcome to PRIDE SYSTEM portal. We are one of the major IT&C services and products providers in the Republic of Moldova, one of the most certified / experienced companies within the IT Park (from technical, commercial and quality points of view).


Our strategy is to anticipate customer needs. We clearly understand the prospects of information technology development and we know what are the necessary tools today and tomorrow for our customers to effectively run their business in day-to-day life. By creating new technology concepts, we anticipate customers’ needs and offer advanced types of equipment and products at reasonable prices. The price-quality ratio is one of our undisputable advantages.


Our scope is to provide our customers a large variety of IT&C services and products that will allow them to save their time, money and to effectively run their business. To achieve our goal, we are striving to continuous improvement. Our goal is to increase our customers' requirements and raise their expectations. Our solutions have a value, but not a simple price!

The web portal is a public platform for B2B sales (Business to Business) of IT&C solutions provided by PRIDE SYSTEM. You will find here a large variety of selected brands and products/services, unique on the Moldovan market, as well as our own products/services, but not least, of our technological partners, such as Microsoft, Cisco, MikroTik, Dell EMC, Hewlett Packard Inc. & Enterprise, Polycom, etc. We also offer consulting services by certified IT specialists/experts, such as: design and implementation, Cloud Computing (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS), hosting, Web development and applications, SSL certificates, software products and all the advantages of an Online B2B sale, being safe and immediate.

The functionalities we have implemented and that aim to support the customer (price/stock alert, real quantities available in stock, soon in stock and more), email notifications and automatic issuance of invoices, sent by email, products details and specifications, the products quality  presented on our portal represent our values and qualities.

The web portal is owned and managed by PRIDE SYSTEM SRL, with its registered office in the Republic of Moldova, 39 Ion Creangă street, MD-2064, mun. Chisinau, registration number 1013600004094, contact numbers (022) 844-266, fax: (022) 824-266.