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3CX ENT Enterprise (annual subscription per system)

Brand: 3CX
Product Code: 3CX-ENT
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308.70 $
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What is a simultaneous call?

Simultaneous calls (SC) are the number of calls happening at the same time. 3CX subscription licensing is based upon how many calls you need to occur at the same time. In other words, how many team members do you envisage to be on a call together at any one time? To calculate simultaneous calls (SC) you should count internal calls also.

3CX ENT Enterprise is a comprehensive and robust communication solution designed to cater to the needs of large enterprises. With advanced features and seamless integration, it offers a highly scalable and flexible platform for organizations to manage their telephony requirements efficiently.

One of the most significant advantages of 3CX ENT Enterprise is its ability to streamline communication across multiple locations. With its distributed architecture, companies with various offices or branches can connect and collaborate effortlessly, improving productivity and enhancing team collaboration.

This makes it an ideal solution for global companies with a wide geographic presence.The system supports a wide range of communication methods, including voice calls, video conferencing, instant messaging, and team collaboration tools. This versatility ensures that employees can choose the most suitable method of communication for their needs, allowing for efficient and effective communication throughout the organization.Security is a top priority for 3CX ENT Enterprise, with built-in encryption and secure protocols ensuring that data and communications remain protected and confidential. This is particularly important for enterprises that deal with sensitive or confidential information and need to comply with industry regulations.

The scalability of 3CX ENT Enterprise is another key feature, allowing organizations to easily adapt and expand their telephony infrastructure as their needs evolve. Whether it's adding new users, integrating additional office locations, or integrating with existing CRM systems, the system can seamlessly accommodate these changes without disruption to daily operations.Furthermore, the system is user-friendly, with an intuitive web-based interface that enables easy management and administration.

This makes it simple for IT teams to handle tasks such as user provisioning, phone system configurations, and monitoring performance.Overall, 3CX ENT Enterprise is a comprehensive communication solution that empowers large enterprises to optimize their telephony infrastructure. With its advanced features, scalability, and robust security measures, it provides organizations with a reliable and flexible platform for seamless communication and collaboration across the entire organization.

Additional functions:

  1. Custom IP Phone Logo
  2. MS Teams
  3. Skill-based Routing
  4. Start / Stop Call Recording
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