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Macroscop - Video analytics server

Brand: Macroscop
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Video Analytics Server

Video Analytics Server: A server that runs only video analytics modules that process video sent from other servers. At the same time, the video analytics server does not archive the analyzed video and retransmit it to client locations; these actions are carried out on conventional video surveillance servers. Thus, the Video Analytics Server allows you to rmove the load associated with the work of video analytics from other video surveillance servers.

How it works

If at least one of the video surveillance servers, the video from which the Video Analytics Server processes, is running under Linux, then the Video Analytics Server must also run under Linux.

The video analytics server supports all video analytics modules, with the exception of the following:

Loud Sound Detector

  • Fisheye scan
  • Your benefits

Archive operation on the main server when recording using a motion detector running on a video analytics server:

When recording to the archive using the motion detector, the results of processing from the video analytics server will be used;

When the connection to the video analytics server is disconnected, a permanent record to the archive is enabled, which will work until the connection is restored.;

In a situation where the video analytics server does not send motion/no motion events for 30 seconds, permanent recording to the archive is also enabled.

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