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UPS Rack/Тower Online Socomec NeTYS RT 5000

Brand: Socomec
Product Code: NRT2-5000K
SKU: NRT2-5000K
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2 572.40 $
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Easy to install

• IEC input and output connectors (1100 – 3000 VA) or terminal input and output connectors with integrated input thermomagnetic switch (5000 – 11000 VA).

• Compact dimensions that allow the UPS to be installed in the rack sockets.

• Attractive design.

Ease of operation

• No need to configure the first time you turn it on.

• A wide range of communication protocols for integration into a network (LAN) or building management system (BMS).

• Clear LED interface with a sound alarm device, allowing even the least experienced users to immediately assess the operating condition of the UPS (1100 – 3000 VA).

• LCD display with menu in 6 languages (5000 – 11000 VA).

Meeting practical needs

• The online double conversion technology allows you to receive the voltage / current of the correct sinusoidal shape at the output of the UPS, completely eliminates interference from / into the network and provides maximum load protection.

• A modular system that allows you to connect additional battery packs (EBM) to meet any support time requirements, including after the UPS is installed.

• Possibility of parallel configuration with 1+1 redundancy to ensure maximum reliability of the power supply of critical loads even in case of failure of one UPS (5000 – 11000 VA).

Standard electrical characteristics

• Built-in reverse current protection.

• Weather Protection (NTP) of the telephone line/ADSL modem.

• RJ11 Emergency Shutdown (EPO) port.

• Connector for connecting additional battery packs.

• Port for parallel operation (5000 – 11000 VA).

Optional electrical equipment

• 1+1 parallel module (5000 – 11000 VA).

• Manual bypass without interruption (5000-11000 VA).

• Additional battery packs.

Standard communication functions

• LOCAL VIEW: The ideal solution for end-to-end UPS status monitoring and roll-up management for the Windows ® operating environment.

• User Interface Device (HID): UPS control based on the technology built into Windows ® OS — USB interface (1100 – 3000 VA).


• RT-VISION: a professional WEB/SNMP interface for monitoring the status of the UPS and managing the collapse of several operating systems (5000 – 11000 VA).

Communication options

• RT-VISION: a professional WEB/SNMP interface for monitoring the status of the UPS and managing the convolution of several operating systems (1100-3000 VA).

• Interface with dry contacts.

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