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High-Quality 3m Duplex Patchcord SC - SC, 9/125

Product Code: PC-SC-3m
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The Patchcord SC - SC; Duplex, 9/125, 3 m is a high-quality fiber optic cable designed to provide a seamless and reliable connection for various networking applications. With its SC to SC connectors, this patchcord ensures a secure and tight connection between two devices.The duplex design of the patchcord means that it consists of two separate fiber optic cables bundled together, allowing for simultaneous transmission in both directions. This feature is particularly beneficial in situations where bidirectional communication is required, such as in data centers or telecommunications networks.The 9/125 specification of the patchcord refers to the core and cladding diameter of the fiber optic cable. In this case, the cable has a core diameter of 9 micrometers and a cladding diameter of 125 micrometers. This specification indicates that the patchcord is optimized for single-mode fiber optic applications, which are ideal for long-distance and high-bandwidth transmissions.Measuring 3 meters in length, this patchcord offers flexibility in connecting devices across a moderate distance. It provides ample length for setups that require some freedom of movement or when devices are positioned a few meters apart.Overall, the Patchcord SC - SC; Duplex, 9/125, 3 m is a reliable and versatile fiber optic cable that ensures high-speed and low-loss data transmission. Whether used in a professional networking environment or for personal applications, this patchcord delivers exceptional performance and durability.
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