Technology partners

We have always strived to select the technologies we work with based on their relevance and the benefits they can bring to our customers and partners, while maintaining an emphasis on solution maturity and support offered in operational processes.

We are convinced that the success of IT infrastructure projects largely depends on the certification of implementation and support teams, as well as on the experience gained in such projects. Over time, PRIDE SYSTEM specialists have accumulated a solid experience in the field of core technologies, which we provide you to accelerate the development and improve the efficiency of your company's IT processes. Our support teams standout for their extensive experience in solutions offered by renowned companies such as:


More than ten years of partnership has allowed us to build strong partnerships and close professional relationships with Microsoft. Due to this, we can offer our customers constant access to the highest quality technologies and services. Many years of experience in implementing Microsoft solutions gives our team the opportunity to increase the value and quality of the created systems


  • Silver Cloud Productivity
  • Silver Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions
  • Silver Cloud Platform (in progress)
  • Silver Datacenter (in progress)
  • Silver Messaging (in progress)
  • Silver Software Asset Management (in progress)
  • Authorization Education Partner


Due to the status of a certified partner MikroTik (MikroTik Certified Partner), a company that is recognized as one of the most cost-effective alternatives to networking equipment today, such as routers, controlled switches and radio systems (wireless), which are currently the most expensive products on the market. Our company has the necessary certificates and experience to provide consulting services, implementation and support for all Mikrotik RouterBOARD products - one of the most reliable solutions for your business.


As a GlobeSSL Authorized Reseller, you get the most affordable SSL certificates that are widely accepted and considered ideal for online business and e-commerce. Your customers can buy with confidence knowing that their personal information will be protected on any secure page. At the same time, SSL certificates help improve Google positioning.


Due to the status of a certified partner BitDefender (BitDefender Silver Certified Partner), our company has all the necessary certificates and experience to provide consulting services, implementation services and support for all products of one of the most effective and efficient solutions for IT security, certified internationally.


  • Security for Service Providers Certification (Business MSP)
  • Business Portfolio Certification (Business)
  • Classic Line Certification (Consumer Products)


Partnership with technology partner Cisco Systems, the world leader in the field of network equipment, is based on the desire of both companies to bring the latest technologies in the field of communications to the market of the Republic of Moldova.


With WHMCS Authorized Reseller status, the most sophisticated and affordable hosting, order, activation, invoicing, payment and technical support program with a fully integrated web interface for all types of sites and compatible with most cPanel features. Our company has the necessary experience to provide consulting services, implementation and support of the WHMCS solution, with the help of which the administration of the hosting business becomes simple and professional.


By partnering with technology partner Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), we have the experience and certifications to ensure you have access to the most advanced technologies from the world's largest technology company and a clear long-term return on your investment. We have developed a very good working relationship with HPE over the years, so you can get the perfect solution for your request and at a reasonable cost.

We offer not only IT solutions for your business, but also the opportunity to use the services of our own Service Center!

In 2006, the PRIDE SYSTEM company entered into an agreement with the Official distributor in the Republic of Moldova S.C. Argodisc S.R.L., acting MERAXA TRADE S.R.L.

PRIDE SYSTEM SRL has the status of Nikon and Fujifilm National Service Center in the Republic of Moldova and is officially authorized to carry out Nikon and Fujifilm repairs.

Since 2014, we are also a Manfrotto service center, part of the world leader Vitec Group PLC in the production of studio and lighting equipment, camera supports such as: heads, legs, professional photo/video tripods, etc.