You have several options of payment and acquirement of the IT&C equipment, services, electronic licenses, software programs / subscriptions, hereinafter products, ordered on the web portal

Delivery options:

        1. You can personally pick up the products at Supplier’s office

The products ordered on the web portal can be picked up at the registered office of Pride System company, at the following address: Republic of Moldova, MD-2064, mun. Chisinau, 39 Ion Creanga str., from Monday to Friday, 09:00 – 18:00. For any additional information regarding the placed order status, please, contact us on this phone number: (022) 844-266, or using the contact form from our site.

     2. Delivery by courier

The products ordered on the web portal and available on the Suppler stock, can be delivered by courier anywhere. If you submit and pay the order from Monday to Friday, until 15:00, it can be delivered at the same day. The delivery time is 24-48 hours, except the non-working days (noting, that the products delivered on Friday will reach the destination on Monday). This term may be modified by independent reasons, at Supplier’s decision.

Shipment costs

  • Shipping within mun. Chisinau is free on orders above 500$ (VAT included). For orders beyond 500$ (VAT included), a shipment fee of 5$ will be applied, regardless of the number of ordered products, size or weight of products or if the delivery is within mun. Chisinau suburb or the Republic of Moldova.
  • The ordered products can be delivered outside the Republic of Moldova. In this case the shipment costs are calculated by the international courier service, chosen by the Client (DHL, TNT, FeedEx etc). In such cases, the payment is performed only online, by card or by transfer to the Supplier's account. The delivery timeframe may vary according to the destination country, product weigh and category, availability of ordered products, banks holidays and non-working days, as well as to the possible errors in the functioning system of delivery services.

If it is used a carrier commissioned by the Client, in the moment of products delivery, the risk is transferred to the carrier.

For products that have been wrongly delivered, the replacement costs are supported by the Supplier.

In case of products, delivered on request, the estimated delivery time to the courier is communicated at the moment of order confirmation.

Any delays or inability to perform the delivery may occur in the case of Force Majeure Events. In such cases, we will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the Customer will acquire the Order as soon as possible. If the products shipped by the courier do not reach the specified deadline, the Customer should contact the Supplier at (022) 844-266 or using the contact form on the site.

The Client has the possibility to check the products regardless of whether their delivery is made at the Supplier's or the courier office. If the delivery is made by courier, you can use the Package Opening service free of charge, so please, when receiving the products, check the physical integrity of the products in the package. Signing the acknowledgement receipt confirms the reception of the products in good condition.

At the moment you acquire the product, the risk of products loss or damage is completely transferred to you. Any subsequent complaint will not be considered.

Payment Methods

1. Cash payment

The cash payment is made in MDL in full, at delivery or when picking the products at the Supplier's office. In the case of products delivery to the client, the payment is made to the courier service provider.

2. Card payment at picking up the products from Supplier’s office

When picking up the products at the Supplier's office, you can pay with a Visa, MasterCard (including Maestro) and American Express bank card via the existing POS terminal. If the card you are using does not have the option to enter the PIN-code at, the person making the payment should be the card holder and will be authenticated with an identity card. The signature will be verified; it should match the one on the card.

3. Online payment by card

It is possible to make the online payment by bank card under fully secured conditions (for details, check the "Privacy Policy" section). The accepted cards are VISA (Classic and Electron) and MASTERCARD (including Maestro, if they have VV2 / CVC2). If the card is associated with a currency account other than MDL, the transactions are made in MDL, at the exchange rate of the issuing bank of that card.

No additional commission for transactions is perceived.

To ensure transactions security, the Supplier uses the MAIB platform. Card data processing is done exclusively through the MAIB payment platform. The web portal does not request or store details about the used cards (for details, check the "Privacy Policy" section).