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AWS GREENGRASS Teltonika has drawn attention to customer written requests for acceptance of the AWS IoT Greengrass service. AWS IoT Greengrass is the open-source and cloud edge ..
RMS API Teltonika came to the market with a new data automation proposal, called RMS API. Automation is the name of the game in the current landscape of commerce. At Teltonika y..
Start the 100 Gigabit journey with the new flagship Cloud Core Router 2216 product! from MikroTik: The processor integrated in this router contains 16 cores and can be compared to..
The first equipment launch from MikroTik in 2022! CCR2216-1G-12XS-2XQ The new MikroTik flagship with the power of a whole fleet. Unleash the power..
The global semiconductor crisis spares no one! This was also reflected in the production of Mikrotik network equipment – from 17/02/2022, some positions have risen in price: ..

About Portal

What does registration on our portal give?

After registering on the portal, you will have access to your "personal account" and to the interactive services of the site, for example:

  • Registration and payment of orders as a legal entity by bank transfer. Automatically, upon completion of the order, you will receive an invoice for payment, if you have chosen "Bank Transfer" as payment for your order;
  • Reservation of goods, if you do not make payment on time specified in the invoice for payment, the reservation is automatically canceled;
  • Checkout for different counterparties under one account! "List of firms and delivery addresses" is edited in the personal account;
  • Viewing bonuses and paying with bonus points;
  • Notification of the status of orders, new arrivals and expected deliveries using automatic SMS / email notifications;
  • View the history of orders and payments;
  • Checking the current balance;
  • Monitoring the stages of equipment repair in our Service Center;
  • and other useful features ..